5 Tips & Tricks To Get A Barber Grade Finish With TUFT Hair Clippers & Trimmers

Hair clippers and trimmer products for men are integral pieces of equipment in any set of barbershop supplies.

In this article, our specialists at Hair & Beauty Kingdom explore tips and tricks for getting a barber-grade finish with TUFT hair clippers and trimmers.

Hair Clippers & Trimmer Tip #1: Understand the Clipper Guard Numbering for Precision Cutting

Understanding the numbering system of blade guards is fundamental for any barber to deliver precise cuts with hair clippers. The numbers on clipper guards signify the hair length each guard will achieve.

Lower numbers result in shorter hair—where a "1" is the most minimal guard, trimming hair to just 1/8 inch (3.2 mm), while an "8" leaves hair at a full inch (25 mm) long. Each guard escalates the hair length incrementally by 1/8 inch (3.2 mm).

Here's a quick guide to the standard lengths associated with each clipper guard, which is crucial for anyone using hair clippers for men:

  • Guard 1: 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) - ultra close-cut
  • Guard 2: 1/4 inch (6.4 mm) - very short
  • Guard 3: 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) - short
  • Guard 4: 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) - medium short
  • Guard 5: 5/8 inch (16 mm) - medium
  • Guard 6: 3/4 inch (19 mm) - medium long
  • Guard 7: 7/8 inch (22 mm) - longer
  • Guard 8: 1 inch (25 mm) - long

Using the "0" setting means operating the clippers without any guard, allowing for the closest possible hair trimmer setting for men. This knowledge is indispensable for selecting the appropriate guard for desired hair lengths and is a staple in professional barber supplies. Whether you're using cordless clippers or traditional barber clippers, understanding these settings can enhance your capability to tailor each cut to your client’s preferences. For the most reliable and precise tools, consider incorporating TUFT hair trimmers and clippers into your arsenal of barbershop supplies.

Hair Clippers & Trimmer Tip #2: Using Guard Sizes for Distinct Hairstyles

Selecting the right guard size on your hair clippers will help you achieve specific hairstyles. As we explored above, each guard size corresponds to the length of hair it will leave behind, allowing for precise customisation according to the desired style.

Understanding which guard to use is fundamental, whether you're aiming for a clean, professional look or maintaining a casual style at home.

Below is a quick reference guide to help you master the use of various guard sizes for popular hairstyles:

  1. Burr Cut: Utilize guards 1 or 2 for a uniform short length across the whole head, commonly seen in military styles. Begin at the back and progress to the sides and top.
  2. High and Tight: Begin with guard 2 over the entire head, then use guard 1 on the sides and back to differentiate the lengths and define the style around the crown.
  3. Crew Cut: Start with guards 2 or 4 on the sides and back, adjusting to higher guards as you move towards the crown. Finish with the longest guard at the front, decreasing gradually towards the back for a layered effect.
  4. Basic Boy’s Cut: Use the longest guard (3 or 4) for an initial buzz, then switch to a shorter guard (2 or 3) to refine the sides and create a clean line around the top of the head.
  5. Ear and Neckline Trimming: For a neater finish around the ears and neckline, switch to guards 1 or 2. Use no guard for the closest skin-level trim; ideal for sideburns and cleaning up the neck’s nape.

By mastering these guard settings, you can effectively utilise hair clippers for men to create clean, stylish cuts that are barbershop worthy. This knowledge is particularly valuable when selecting barber shop supplies for professional or personal use.

Hair Clippers & Trimmer Tip #3: Perfect Your Technique by Cutting Against Hair Growth

For an impeccably even cut, move your hair clippers against the direction of hair growth. Utilising this technique ensures a uniform length as the hair is lifted and cut at the root.

Begin your trim at a strategic point—either behind an ear or at the nape of the neck. Holding your clippers upside down, with the top of the guard flush against the scalp, gently guide the clippers upward towards the crown of the head, moving contrary to the hair's natural growth pattern.

When trimming the top, progress from the front of the head to the back, as it helps maintain consistency and prevents uneven lengths. Starting points can vary based on personal preference or the specific style you’re aiming for. However, it's essential to maintain a steady progression through each section to avoid missing spots, which can lead to patchy results.

This systematic approach is vital for anyone using a hair trimmer for men or seeking professional barber shop quality. Whether employing cordless hair clippers for more flexibility or traditional barber clippers for precision, remember that technique is as crucial as the tool. For optimal results, consider integrating TUFT barber supplies into your toolkit, which is known for their reliability and performance in achieving barber-grade finishes.

Hair Clippers & Trimmer Tip #4: Master the Clipper Over Comb Technique with Top-Quality Barber Clippers

An essential barbering method that precisely sculpts and defines the hairstyle. To execute this technique effectively, you'll need a robust comb and high-performance barber clippers, ideally from a reputable line such as TUFT hair tools. The use of a comb in this technique provides the barber with unparalleled control, allowing them to mould and dictate the precise shape desired for any men's haircut.

Once you've positioned the comb to your satisfaction, utilise a premium hair trimmer for men, such as the TUFT cordless clippers, designed specifically for clean, sharp fades. Glide the trimmer over the edge of the comb to seamlessly remove excess hair, ensuring a polished and professional finish.

Barber supplies, particularly versatile hair clippers for men, come in various styles and functionalities. Opt for cordless hair clippers for enhanced mobility and ease of use, ensuring you select a model that aligns with your specific barbering requirements. With the right tools, such as those from TUFT's extensive range of barbershop supplies, every stylist can achieve barber-grade precision and excellence in every cut.

Hair Clippers & Trimmer Tip #5: Select the Right Barber Supplies – Explore the Features of the TUFT Professional Cordless Trimmer

Tuft Professional Cordless Trimmer

This trimmer from TUFT Hair Tools not only meets the rigorous demands of professional barbering but also elevates the grooming experience with its advanced features and durable design.

Perfect for any barber shop looking to upgrade their barber clippers and enhance their cutting capabilities, the Tuft Professional Cordless Clipper offers:

  • High-Performance Turbo-Charged Motor: This trimmer is equipped with a turbocharged motor that enhances its power and efficiency, delivering superior performance ideal for professional barber supplies.
  • Versatile Cordless Design: Offering the flexibility of both corded and cordless use, this hair trimmer for men ensures uninterrupted grooming, whether in the salon or on the go.
  • Diamond Carbon Blade: The anti-rust diamond carbon blade ensures a precision cut every time, making it a critical component in any collection of hair clippers for men.
  • Zero-Overlap Adjustment: For those requiring precise edging and detail work, the zero-overlap adjustment feature provides zero gapping, enabling quicker and more accurate lines.
  • Wide Range Blade: Ideal for achieving a smooth, blunt cut, the wide range blade extends the versatility of this barber trimmer, accommodating a variety of cutting styles.
  • Extended Battery Life: With up to 120 minutes of battery life, this cordless hair trimmer allows extended use without frequent recharging.
  • Comprehensive Accessories and Warranty: Each trimmer comes with a charging dock, adaptor, cleaning brush, blade cover, and oil to maintain optimum performance. Additionally, it is backed by a 2-year limited warranty, ensuring reliability and satisfaction.

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