Hair care of all hair types

Hair types are as individual as the person it adorns. From pin-straight to spiralling coils, the diversity of hair types is beautiful, yet it calls for a customised approach to care and styling. 

Recognising your hair type and understanding how to nurture it can be a game-changer in your hair care journey, leading to healthier and more radiant tresses. In this article, our team at Hair and Beauty Kingdom offer some insights on hair care tips for different types and fringe hairstyles, including some options for professional hair care products and equipment from leading brands in the industry like TUFT.

Identifying Your Natural Hair Type Before Exploring Care Methods

Before diving into the vast ocean of professional hair care products like argan oil shampoo and heat protection spray, let’s figure out where you fit in the hair type spectrum. 

Hair type is normally defined by the shape of your follicles, including:

  • Straight hair: Lacking in bends with a thin texture, typically glossy and sleek, but can often be low in volume and quickly become oily.
  • Curly hair: Loose, S-shaped curls or ringlets that quickly return to their shape when stretched, but are prone to dryness and frizz.
  • Wavy hair: Seen as a balance between straight and curly, offering a bit of curl and volume but sometimes misses out on definition.
  • Coily hair: Displays tight curls or zigzags, is incredibly delicate and often struggles with dryness and shrinkage.

Knowing your hair type isn't just a fun fact about yourself. It's essential for choosing the most effective care routines and products.

Professional Hair Care Products & Techniques to Treat Different Hair Types

Straight Hair Care

Naturally straight hair may experience a significant degree of oiliness, requiring a careful cleansing approach to prevent flatness. A sulphate-free shampoo can gently cleanse without stripping your hair's natural oils. You can also Introduce an argan oil shampoo into your routine to balance oil production and add a healthy shine. 

Remember, conditioner is vital, but only apply it to the hair shaft and ends, not the roots, to prevent unnecessary oiliness.

Wavy Hair Care

With wavy hair, striking the right balance is key. Using a sea salt hair spray can add texture and enhance your natural waves, giving a beachy, carefree look. Pairing lightweight conditioners with a professional thermal brush from TUFT can also help detangle and define waves without weighing them down. Also, a diffuser used on a low heat setting while drying can enhance the natural wave pattern.

Curly Hair Care

Due to their porosity level, curls can easily lose moisture, leading to dryness and frizz. A sulphate-free shampoo will cleanse without over-drying your hair, and implementing deep-conditioning treatments into your routine can keep your hair hydrated and nourished. 

If you regularly use hair straightening products, be sure to utilise advanced products like the TUFT Diamond Plus Hair Straighteners and a reliable heat protection spray to avoid damaging your hair follicles with gaps and tears. If not, consider a curl-defining cream or gel to give your curls shape, reduce frizz, and keep them bouncy.

Coily Hair Care

Coily hair also craves moisture, and lots of it. Natural hair care products, with ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil, provide the intense hydration this hair type needs. Protective hairstyles can prevent breakage and help maintain moisture. Always detangle with care, preferably using a wide-tooth comb or your fingers on wet or damp hair, as coily hair is incredibly fragile.

The Role of Professional Hair Care Products in Maintaining Healthy Hair

Professional hair care products can be the difference between plain good hair and enviably fabulous locks. Here's why:

  • Quality Ingredients: They often boast superior formulations with higher concentrations of active ingredients, ensuring noticeable results.
  • Targeted Solutions: Professional hair care products are designed to target specific hair concerns. Whether it's colour protection, moisture retention, curl definition, or heat protection, there's a product that can address your needs.
  • Cost-Effective: While the initial investment may seem high, professional products are typically more concentrated, meaning they last longer, making them cost-effective in the long run.
  • Professional styling equipment: Leading brands like TUFT partner with hairdressers and beauty therapists across the world to deliver high-grade tools & accessories for all hair types.

Explore Our Selection of Professional Hair Care Products at Hair and Beauty Kingdom

Healthy, radiant hair is within reach, no matter your hair type. Once you understand your hair and its needs, you can select the right products and practices to enhance its natural beauty. From sulphate-free shampoos and sea salt sprays to heat protection and targeted hair treatments, there's an array of products that can help available at Hair and Beauty Kingdom.

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