Everyone loves a stylish fade, which is why there are so many quality hair clippers and kits for sale online, promising to deliver the perfect cut! But while it’s a valuable skill, creating a stylish fade is no easy feat, and you need the right equipment to pull it off.

To help you discover how to achieve the look of your dreams, we at Hair and Beauty Kingdom have put together eight simple steps to help you achieve a perfect hair fade, as well as a review of the type of hair clippers for sale across Australia that you could invest in. 

1. Invest in Quality Hair Clippers and Kits for Sale Online

To achieve that flawless fade, you must have the right cutting and styling tools at your fingertips. You will need:

  • Quality hair clippers with guards (get a complete set for the best results)
  • A handheld mirror
  • A comb
  • Scissors
  • A trimmer

You can purchase hair clippers/hair trimmers for fades directly online wherever you are across Australia. These models are purpose-designed and come with a selection of attachments for you to review. You can also enjoy the sharpest blades and sturdy construction to keep you and/or your clients looking better for longer!

When selecting clippers for sale online, think carefully about what you want from your product. Do they offer a selection of guards? Have the hair clippers received positive reviews from consumers in Australia? It may seem obvious, but sometimes the smallest features or design differences can impact your results. 

2. Decide Your Fade Line

Knowing whether you want a low, medium, or high fade will help when choosing hair clippers with guards for fades. When you find hair clippers for sale, remember that you will want to begin blending just above your ears before working towards the top of your head. 

Think about whether a cordless design will make this easier for you. For example, will you need an adjustable model to get to those hard-to-reach spaces? If so, you will love the flexibility of a cordless clipper.  

3. Choose Your Length and Guards Sizes with Kits and Hair Clippers for Fades 

When you find the right hair clippers with guards for sale online, you can then choose which guards are right for your desired look. Clipper guards determine how short or long the fade cut will be, so if you are unsure where to start, try going with a number 3 or 4 guard and go from there. 

4. Use Your Hair Clippers with Guards to Start Fading the Sides

Now that you have shaved the sides and moved back up the fade line, you can attach your chosen guards and start cutting. For an even cut along the fade line, use short strokes, and always move the hair clippers in an upward direction. 

5. Try Transitioning Between Hair Clipper Guards for a Gradual Fade

As you change clipper guard sizes, the taper fading will occur gradually. Transitioning between the hair clipper guards will allow you to trim and cut as you move further up the head. Remember, you can overlap sections of hair for a natural look. 

6. Style the Hair on Top with Hair Clippers for Fades 

Now, it is time to turn our attention to the hair on top of the head. Blending is essential. As you get close to the top of the sides and the back, you can use your comb to find your chosen length and run your hair clipper along the comb. This will give you more control over your desired length. 

7. Check Your Neckline and Hairline

Settle a few finishing touches by shaving the bottom section of hair below the fade line and along the neckline. Use a quality hair clipper or trimmer for a smooth, close cut. When you choose a clippers kit with one positive review after another in Australia, they will likely be replete with attachments and features that make this step smooth and straightforward. 

8. Review and Style

If you are a beginner using hair clippers for fades, it always helps to go back and review what you have done to spot any obvious mistakes (this is also true for seasoned pros!). Remember to take your time and be patient, and don’t strive for perfection every time. You could end up messing up a good fade for no reason! 

Find the Best Hair Clippers for Sale Online in Australia at Hair and Beauty Kingdom 

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