As you establish your salon, one of the most challenging tasks you will encounter is keeping on top of ordering and organising wholesale hair products to ensure you and your stylists have access to the best available in Australia. 

But how do you know which hair colour companies and wholesale hair supplies to choose from? Well, at Hair and Beauty Kingdom, we have put together some valuable points to help you better understand the types of professional hair colour products you need for your salon, and what to look for when buying direct from manufacturers. 

What Wholesale Hair Supplies Do You Need?

Before you concern yourself with which companies and manufacturers to deal with, you must first understand what professional hair colour products and supporting equipment you will need.

For starters, choosing to purchase wholesale hair supplies is an excellent option for stocking your salon in Australia, as you can find quality brands and products at more affordable prices. As such, here are some wholesale hair products in Australia you can find to establish and maintain your salon's colour services and procedures: 

Professional Hair Colour Products

Countless hair colours and styles will come and go out of fashion, but keeping your salon well-stocked with popular shades and the latest styling choices is always a wise practice. Natural and organic products can also give your team an extra edge with clients looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to beauty and hair care. 

In choosing your hair colour manufacturers, try to narrow down your list of hair supplies by looking out for the following:

  • Permanent colour
  • Semi-permanent colour
  • Hair colour protection
  • Bleaching products
  • Developer
  • Highlights
  • Lowlights
  • Peroxide
  • Colour shampoos and conditioners 

Your chosen hair colour companies and wholesale manufacturers should offer a wide variety of these products, so you can find the best formulations and colours to suit your hair salon. 

Colour Processing Equipment

Colour processing equipment should be at the top of your list when looking to purchase professional hair colour products for your salon. Specifically allocated colour processing sections and equipment can help streamline and organise your salon procedures. 

To optimise your business and better manage your staff and services, invest in equipment like:

  • Shampoo bowls
  • Colour-safe towels
  • Designated storage for hair colour supplies
  • Colour bar

When selecting hair colour companies to purchase your wholesale hair supplies, be sure to research their processing equipment to ascertain if there are any bulk-buy options or hair colour packages to save on some of your investments. 

Colour Preparation Hair Supplies

As you likely know, preparing your client’s colour is an integral part of the service. By ensuring you are well-stocked with your colour preparation supplies, you will be able to keep your hair salon neat, tidy and highly organised to deliver a seamless delivery. 

With this in mind, when sourcing your wholesale hair supplies from hair colour companies in Australia, it is vital to include tools such as:

  • Colour mixing bowls
  • Bleach applicators
  • Cotton balls
  • Foil
  • Stylist aprons
  • Mixing whisks
  • Colour Removal Wipes

Stocking up on wholesale hair products of this nature will enable you to prepare for success right from the beginning. 

Foundational Hair Supplies

You cannot offer professional hair colour services without the foundational equipment on hand in your salon. From brushes and combs to hair clips and spray bottles, having easy access to these quality hair supplies from a trusted wholesale provider will ensure no shortcuts are taken and you can elevate every experience for your clients. 

Decide on Your Hair Colour Manufacturers 

Now, choosing which hair colour manufacturers and wholesale suppliers to partner with is a big decision affecting all aspects of your business. From finding supplies that won’t break the bank to securing hair care products from dependable brands, there are several factors you should consider, including: 

  • Opting for established and reputable companies
  • Invest in premium quality hair supplies to improve services
  • Explore wholesale bundles and packages
  • Ensure your companies stock a variety of colours, designs, and formulations
  • Understand the delivery options & conditions

By clearly understanding what you are looking for from your hair colour manufacturers and companies, you will have a greater chance of securing the professional hair products you need for your business at a reasonable price. It also sets the foundations for a long-term relationship with your chosen wholesale supplier, ensuring you can restock and organise your hair salon more easily in the future. 

Discover Quality Wholesale Hair Supplies in Australia at Hair and Beauty Kingdom

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