Most effective sanitation for your Salon

Ensuring that your salon is effectively cleaned and sanitised is a priority for any salon owner, but it does not have to be a challenge. Adopting a few simple practices as part of your daily routine can make a considerable difference to the overall sanitation of your salon. What’s more, focusing on the implementation of the best hygienic practices not only benefits you, but your staff and clientele as well.


Why is it Important to Properly Sanitise Your Salon?

Effective sanitation practices are so important because they help to safeguard against the spread of any germs, infections or diseases that may find their way to your salon. Introducing activities, products and routines that reinforce a hygienic, sanitised environment can directly impact the wellbeing of those within the salon, as well as benefit the overall public health of your community.


4 Ways to Effectively Sanitise Your Salon


1. Maintain Good Personal Hygiene

As stylists, you will interact with each other and your clients multiple times throughout the day, so maintaining a high standard of personal hygiene is the first defence against the spread of germs. Adopting practices like regularly cleaning hands, wearing clean clothes or uniforms, or wearing clean disposable gloves are simple ways of ensuring proper hygiene in your salon. These practices also contribute to your salon’s professional image, building confidence with clients and appealing to potential customers.


2. Sanitise Equipment to Avoid Cross-Contamination

Every client will likely encounter a variety of styling tools, including combs, brushes, trimming scissors or clippers. For this reason, it is essential to thoroughly disinfect each tool before using them on someone else, to avoid any cross-contamination of germs or bacteria. Having a disinfectant jar filled with a high-grade cleaning solution is an effective way of ensuring your standard tools are immediately cleaned, while towels and other linens can be regularly washed throughout the day.


3. Clean Salon Furniture After Every Use

Salon furniture like chairs, beauty couches and washbasins are some of the most regularly used pieces of equipment in a salon. The high rotation of clients means that there is a possibility of cross-contamination, which is why it is so important to thoroughly clean and disinfect these surfaces after every use. Most salon furniture is designed to make it easy to wipe down, but it is vital that you use the right cleaning products to ensure the best results. Using quality disinfectant products will help to prevent the spread of any germs, however if your furniture is made with PVC or vinyl, be mindful to avoid cleaners containing alcohol as this can cause brittle, broken surfaces which become even harder to disinfect effectively.


4. Maintain a Clean Salon Floor

With staff and clients regularly walking through the salon, the floor must be kept clean to avoid any build-up of germs, or the presence of a potential workplace hazard. Sweeping hair or debris away quickly will help to avoid slips or stumbles, as well as ensure that there is no cross-contamination of germs from person to person. A clean floor also contributes to your salon’s aesthetic, ensuring that your environment always looks its best.


Products You Need for Effective Sanitation

To ensure that you are equipped to keep your salon clean and sanitised for your team and your clientele’s benefit, there are several products that you should have on hand. Items like styling tool disinfectant, a disinfectant jar, disposable gloves, hand soap and sanitiser, clean towels, and antibacterial surface cleaner all contribute to maintaining a safe and clean environment for your salon. At Hair and Beauty Kingdom, we offer a variety of supplies to help you effectively sanitise your salon every day.


Achieve Efficient Sanitation with Supplies from Hair and Beauty Kingdom

At Hair and Beauty Kingdom, we understand the importance of providing a safe and sanitised environment so that your salon can thrive. With our wide range of quality hair and beauty supplies, we are ready to help you meet all your salon maintenance needs. From hospital-grade disinfectants to durable cleaning tools, we offer a range of products capable of rising to any cleaning challenge. Experience genuine brands at the best prices and enjoy the confidence of knowing that each of our products provide excellent results to effectively clean and sanitise your salon.


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