The Best Haircutting Scissors for Professionals

As a hairstylist, you will be familiar with how the tools you are using every day in your salon are just as important as the skills you apply. And perhaps the most quintessential tools in your arsenal? Some high-quality haircutting scissors, both all-purpose and blending. Unfortunately, choosing among the many different brands and designs available that will work best for you can be overwhelming.

Many factors need to be considered when you’re picking out your shears. For example, where was the steel made? Are they of convex or bevel design? It’s a lot of information to sort through and you can spend hours trying to make the right choice.

When you’re working, it’s hard to spare the time to research each brand and find which option works best for you. That’s why we at Hair and Beauty Kingdom have made this list of top-of-the-line scissors. With a quick look through this list, you’ll be able to find a brand that fits your needs as a stylist.

Ergonomic Designs to Consider For Your Salon

Swivel Scissors

Swivel scissors are a type of scissors that have a rotating thumb feature to offer better control whilst in use. This allows the user to cut at different angles and directions without having to readjust their grip on the handle, or raising their shoulder and elbow into uncomfortable positions when needing to cut length, fringe or layers on top of the head. This better use of our natural range of motion can prove especially helpful in easing the discomfort and even pain of repetitive motions from the wrist, fingers and hand.

Offset Scissors

Offset scissors are a type of hairdressing scissors that have the blade ‘offset’ from the handle, meaning that one handle is longer than the other, permitting your elbow and arm to be held in a lower position as you cut. This offers a more ergonomic and practical alignment for your body in relation to the position of the blade, causing less stress on your fingers and hand, as well as delivering a better finished result. 

Our Industry-Leading Brands

SENSEI Shear Systems

SENSEI sits at the top of our list for good reason. Their convex cutting edges made with high-quality Japanese steel allow you to cut through hair easily, which despite their main purpose, is not always the case with other scissor and shear brands. When you’re cutting hair all day long, the blade's efficiency is essential, not only for the quality of cut, but also to prevent muscle strains.

Along that same line, SENSEI offers their shears with several different grips offering adjustable ergonomic designs, allowing you to hold your scissors naturally rather than in awkward, cramped positions. As such, they have a wide variety to choose from that will work for every stylist.


This company has a rich history of offering excellent products to its customers. Founded in 1932 in the “city of blades” in Germany, Jaguar-Solingen has perfected the art of making durable, ergonomically designed scissors. Their products undergo rigorous quality control testing to ensure each set will not fail. 

These scissors are known for their bevel style blades. They aren’t cut at as sharp an angle as convex scissors, so one of the blades is serrated. The serration allows for a smooth cut while preventing the hair from slipping.

What’s more, they also have a set of scissors for those just starting as stylists in the industry. Their pre-style set offers basic shears and blenders for beginners. Once you get to know what they’re like, you can move on to a pair that will work better for more skilled hands. 

With fun, colourful designs, every stylist will be able to show off their unique personality with a set from Jaguar.


BOB is another brand offering scissors ideal for apprentices and beginners. They are made with professional stainless steel for a mid-range option, meaning they offer you an excellent product for a price that can fit most budgets.

If you’re looking for higher steel quality, they also have ice-tempered steel products, which is a process that gives the scissors the best steel structure available. With the cooling process of tempering, the scissors still maintain that structure in the steel.

Scissors from BOB also have plastic rings inside the grips that can be removed for comfort or to clean.


The shears offered by Iceman are made from cobalt steel, which is a great investment for someone starting out as a hairstylist. The Cobalt blades sit in the middle of the range of steels used for making shears. They come highly recommended by those utilising their tools in their salon because of their lightweight and well-balanced build.

Iceman might be a brand to consider if you don’t have a big budget, and looking for a quality product at an affordable price.


Tweezerman is a subsidiary of the global ZWILLING Beauty Group, known for its high calibre beauty products.

Tweezerman is more known for its beauty products for eyebrows and facial hair, however, they do have 5.5” shears available, made with the same ice tempering as the BOB range.

With their circular grip, Tweezerman hair shears make a great pair of scissors to keep at home for touch-ups and kids' haircuts.

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When it comes to getting a great haircut, the right scissors can make all the difference, and as you can see from above, if you’re shopping for shears, there are many options to choose from. We’ve always striven to offer the best quality for an affordable rate at Hair and Beauty Kingdom. Our selection of shears will work for beginners and tenured stylists as well.

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