Top 10 Pieces of Good KARMA Salon Furniture Available Across Australia

KARMA Salon Furniture can offer your hair salon a range of high-quality, modern equipment to enhance both the way your space looks and functions. Available for salons across Australia, this is a brand filled with a variety of stylish options to help you find the perfect piece of salon furniture suiting your aesthetic.

Are you ready to enjoy a new level of comfort? With a diverse selection of beauty salon furniture including styling chairs, beds, and stools, the KARMA range is available for delivery to any salon in Australia.

At Hair and Beauty Kingdom, we are proud suppliers of the luxurious KARMA salon furniture collection. To help our customers experience the finest pieces of this stylish range, we have compiled a list of some of the best hair and beauty salon furniture from the KARMA collection.

1. UV Salon Hot Towel Warmer

Hygiene is a vital part of salon operations. Stay stylish and germ-free with this incredible piece of hair and beauty salon furniture. Capable of warming and cleaning over 24 towels at any given time, the UV Salon Hot Towel Warmer provides the next level in sanitation technology for the safety of you, your staff and your clients.

2. Facial Steamer Compact with Ozone

A perfect addition to any collection of beauty salon furniture in Australia, Facial Steamer Compact with Ozone is a compact facial steamer ideal for aestheticians. Using oxygen ionic vapours to sterilise and clean the skin, your beauty services will thrive after introducing this innovative design.

3. Batlow Reclining Salon Beauty Chair

Comfort is key for every piece of hair and beauty salon furniture. The relaxing Batlow Reclining Salon Beauty Chair is ideal for every hair salon furniture collection and lends itself to a variety of beauty treatments, including threading, facial waxing, and brow treatments.

4. Rotorua Full Electric Bed

Experience the next step in beauty salon furniture supplies with this durable, easily adjustable, fully electric bed from KARMA. Coated in antimicrobial gel and made with high-density foam, the Rotorua Full Electric Bed will last for years, ensuring you get the best value for money.

5. Humpty Doo Premium 5 Tier Hair Salon Trolley

Organisation and preparation are vital to achieving success with your salon, so ensure you stay on top of things with this premium hair salon furniture option – the Humpty Doo Premium 5 Tier Hair Salon Trolley. Heavy duty and easily accessible, this salon and spa trolley is the perfect addition to any salon in Australia.

6. St Helens Salon and Spa Cutting Stool

Make it through the day with ease by investing in this premium piece of hair salon furniture. Made with a durable aluminium base and quality hair-free wheels with rubber castors, the St Helens Salon and Spa Cutting Stool will help you move quickly without marking your floors.

7. Anti-Fatigue Mat Round

Stay on your feet for longer with the KARMA Anti-Fatigue Mat. By promoting good blood circulation, reducing pain, and alleviating discomfort from long periods of standing, this versatile piece of hair salon furniture has been shown to improve work efficiency by more than 30%.

8. Tauranga Elite Tattoo Bed

If your beauty salon offers a premium tattoo service, you will want to add this exceptional piece of beauty salon furniture to your collection. Specially designed with medical-grade antimicrobial germ-resistant vinyl and quality frame components, the Tauranga Elite Tattoo Bed is second to none.

9. Batchelor Lockable Hair Trolley

Looking for somewhere to store your tools for easy access throughout the day? Take a look at this quality piece of hair salon furniture and its functional, stylish design. Perfect for keeping track of your styling tools throughout the day, the Batchelor Lockable Hair Trolley will be a great addition to your salon furniture supplies.

Bright Portable Basin Unit

Being able to take hair salon furniture with you on the move can increase your efficiency throughout the working day. With this versatile piece, enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a portable basin with adjustable heights and tilting functions found on the Bright Portable Basin Unit.

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