10 Tips to Take Care of Coloured Hair

Nothing beats the feeling of a fresh cut and colour. Whether you are looking to shake up your image, try something new, or bring some lustre back to your locks, colouring your hair can have a massive effect on your appearance. Excessive colour, however, can cause your hair to become dull and dry without proper maintenance and care – but don’t throw in the beauty towel just yet! By following these simple tips for coloured hair from the team at Hair and Beauty Kingdom, you can achieve the healthy, vibrant look of your dreams.

1. Change Up Your Hair Washing Routine

    Knowing how often to wash coloured hair is a hotly debated topic. The truth is the more you wash, the quicker your colour fades. Try limiting yourself to washing just twice a week to maintain the desired colour, and use dry shampoo to manage on the off days. Washing too regularly will strip your hair of the natural oils that are so crucial to keeping it healthy and shiny. To add to this handy tip and maximise your colour, wait at least 72 hours after your salon appointment before washing, as this will give the pigment enough time to fully absorb into the hair cuticles.

    2. Count on Conditioner for Coloured Hair

    It can be difficult transitioning away from daily washes, so to help you wean yourself off of this routine, why not opt for just using a conditioner instead? In doing so, your hair will receive a much-needed boost of shine and nourishment, without the risk of stripping your colour away. Try something like Natural Look Oasis Moisturising Conditioner to give your hair a hit of moisture.

    3. Take Care and Use Colour Protective Shampoo

    Colour specific shampoos, like GKMBJ Colour Lock Shampoo, are specially formulated to protect and lock in your hair colour. Using these and other low sulphate shampoos will ensure that you are left feeling clean and refreshed, without compromising your colour. As you cleanse, try keeping the shower water temperature low and then rinsing with cold water to help seal the hair’s cuticle and further prevent colour loss.

    4. Take Time for a Conditioning Treatment

    One of the best tips for coloured hair care is to invest in conditioning treatments. Colouring hair can make it more fragile and brittle, after all, so using hydrating products like oils and butters will help to reintroduce moisture to your hair and create a barrier to prevent any further colour washing away. Why not try something like Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm to help hydrate and strengthen your hair, reducing breakage and preserving colour.

    5. Beat the Heat

    Whether it is a straightener or curling iron, styling with heat can create problems for your hair. As coloured hair is already at risk of being weakened, it is even more important to use heat protection sprays or serums to reduce any damage. When using something like GKMBJ Spray Shine & Heat Protector before styling, your hair will receive lasting protection and increased shine.

    6. Moisturise with Masks for Coloured Hair

    When it comes to tips for coloured hair, we cannot stress conditioning enough! Making use of a mask once or twice a week can make a dramatic difference to the quality of your hair and the longevity of your colour. With healing properties and nourishing ingredients, hair masks can help to repair any damage and revitalise the colour. Protein masks in particular, like the L’Oréal Professional Absolut Repair Gold Quinoa + Protein Masque are ideal as they help restore and rejuvenate damaged or weakened hair.

    7. Air Dry Action

    Like styling with heat, the heat from blow drying can lead to hair damage and moisture loss that impacts your colour. A straightforward way to help reduce this is to move away from the heat options and, after washing your coloured hair, leave your hair to air dry, using complementary products to maintain smoothness and shine.

    8. UV Protection for Coloured Hair

    In warmer countries like Australia, it is not only heat that poses a threat to your hair colour, but UV light from the sun. Sun damage is something that can affect the longevity of your colour. Using a UV filter spray like Cristalli Heat Protector Spray can help you maintain moisture in your hair as it works to prevent the colour from fading.

    9. Safe Swimming

    We have all heard the stories about chlorine turning your hair green. While this may not necessarily be the case after a quick dip, swimming in the pool or the ocean can cause your colour to fade if you are not taking the measures to prepare your hair. A few quick tips that you can try are something as simple as wearing a swimming cap to reduce the mixture of chemicals with your hair, or you can coat your hair in a moisturising product to help repel the salt and chlorine while nourishing it at the same time. You should also be quick to wash coloured hair soon after swimming to avoid further damage.

    10. Follow a Nutritious Diet

    Getting healthy, shiny hair to match your colour comes from following a balanced, nutritious diet. Following each of these tips will help you improve your hair quality, but this tip for healthy eating will contribute to your overall wellbeing. To see improvements in your coloured hair quality, making sure you get plenty of omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E is a must. These will not only keep your hair shiny and strong, but they will work to repair any dryness or brittle strands after your colouring.

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