What Equipment Is Needed for a Salon? Here’s Our Essential Hair Salon Equipment List

Salon treatments make us feel and look our bests, so much so that it has become a near-essential in the lives of countless people across the world, meaning there is always likely to be a demand. If you have ambitions of opening your own store, then you are probably wondering what equipment is needed for a salon, correct? 

Firstly, we understand that you would like to give your clients the best experience possible, but this doesn't mean you have to go deep into debt before you even get your first customer. While there is such a thing as over-preparing, there are also some salon must-haves to consider before purchasing any extra features. 

So, for now, let's stick to the basics. Focus on must-have things in a beauty or hair salon, then you can add more as you expand. 

1) Hairdressing basins 

Hairstyling is one of the most popular reasons people go to a salon. That's why you can't do without a shampoo unit for your space. This is where you'll cleanse and condition your client's hair, and ideally, there should be one for every three chairs that you have. 

But more than the style of the unit, consider these factors in your selection as well:

  • Available space
  • Client’s comfort
  • Durability
  • Budget
  • Sanitation 

Particularly for sanitation, you want this (and everything in your hair salon equipment list, for that matter) to be easy to clean and made of high-quality or even medical-grade materials. 

2) Reception chairs 

Even if you're not expecting to be fully booked the very first day, reception chairs are essentially a staple for salons everywhere. It creates the impression that you want everyone who comes in to be comfortable. 

This is where your customers are going to relax, or perhaps wait as they settle the payment. No matter the reason, you’ll want somewhere with specific salon furniture that can accommodate them. 

3) Hood dryers

Most hair treatments involve drying the hair or exposing it to heat. Now, can you imagine doing this with just a hair blower? It will be so inefficient! And the client might as well have stayed at home and completed the look themselves.

So, when you make your hair salon equipment list, this should definitely be a part of the must-haves. If you’re worried about the investment for several dryers, you can always start with just buying one then introducing more as your regular clientele grows.

4) Salon chairs

Of all the things in your hair salon that you’ll need, you can’t do without salon chairs. Every client who graces your business must be treated like a king or queen, and they must have a throne deserving of that title.

 They're going to be sitting there for a long time, after all, so comfort is very important. But apart from their comfort, the functionality should be considered, as well. One of the most basic, for example, is chair height adjustability. This would allow you to do your best job when you're working with their hair.

But with all salon must-haves, it should also work with the interior. You don’t want these to look out of place and destroy the wider ambience.

5) Reception desk

Whenever you find yourself asking what equipment is needed for a salon, it’s important to create an inviting atmosphere, and a reception desk helps with that.

Your desk will be the first thing they’ll see – their first impression, if you will. It will act as the professional beginning and end of the transactions, where bookings and payments are completed, while behind it, the joys of the service are conducted by you and your staff.

6) Beauty beds

Designed for function and safety, beauty beds are essential to rejuvenate your clients after going to your salon. But the exact one that you’ll need will depend on a few factors like its specific use, budget, and design.

Remember to align your salon must-haves with its purpose. More importantly, take note of the quality of materials and the safety features it possesses. You don’t want to change the beds every few years, do you?

7) Retail stands

Any salon owner knows common things in a hair salon for sale, like a special shampoo or conditioner, can drive up revenue. With a retail stand, you’d be able to showcase the products you use on a regular basis in case your clients are interested, creating opportunities for lucrative upsells.

For as long as you can stand behind the quality of those products, you can trust in its potential to become an entirely separate stream of revenue for itself. This makes it a worthy investment even early on.

8) Salon trolleys

When thinking of salon hair equipment list inclusions, salon trolleys would likely be the farthest thing in your mind – until you open. If you’d like to keep your workspace organised, this is something that you’ll certainly want to invest in. Look for deep draws if you have bulkier items like a hair blower, while smaller items like brushes that are used with more frequency are of greater benefit when placed in a shallower draw closer to the top. You can even get trolleys with a lock to keep your belongings perfectly safe when not in use or storage. Again, it depends on an assessment of your needs.

9) Footstools

If you have ever sat for hours in a salon without a well-placed footstool, you will know the unmatched pain of leg cramps! Even if you're just taking care of their hair, your clients will still be expecting maximum comfort. Footstalls allows them to stretch their legs to a comfortable position without standing up and interrupting your masterpiece. Not only does this help with improving customer experience, then, but also completing appointments more effectively.

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