Tanning & Waxing. Close up of long female tanned legs with perfect smooth soft skin.

Searching for new, innovative products to help keep your clients waxed and tanned this season?

Well, before you start fielding questions like “How long after waxing can you fake tan?” and “What is the best wax for me?”, here is a quick guide to ensure you find the perfect salon wax and spray tan machine products to keep your clients looking their best. 

Selecting the Right Tanning Salon Supplies

Whether you are looking at updating your spray tan machine or adding face tan colour and remover to your stock, here are some things you should consider before making any commitments: 

Does Your Salon Spray Tan Contain Natural or Artificial DHA?

DHA is a core ingredient in any face tan, as this is what helps you achieve a realistic, sun-kissed look. 

However, brands that use synthetic DHA may deter customers as the long-term effects of inhaling DHA are not ideal. So, why not find products that serve your clientele with more natural options? 

Does Your Face Tan or Remover Have a Pleasant Scent?

Any tan colour or remover with an unpleasant smell will do your tanning salon no favours when it comes to securing repeat clientele. Opt for spray tan machine products with a subtler, more pleasant aroma to keep everyone looking and feeling good after a tanning session. 

What is in the Formula for Your Face Tan Colour & Remover?

Pay close attention to the ingredients found in any tan colour or remover when restocking your tanning salon. Finding products that produce quality results, along with benefiting the condition of your client’s skin, will help to ensure that people keep coming back for more. 

Are Your Spray Tan Machine Products Cruelty Free?

Using cruelty-free products in your spray tan machine will help you tap into a growing beauty trend. Eschewing chemicals in favour of organic, vegan ingredients will not only ensure you are supporting reputable and ethical brands, but it will also help to nourish your client’s skin. 

What is the Rate of Development for Your Face Tan Colour?

Tanning salon machine products vary in results. Look for a body or face tan that continues to develop over a few hours after a rapid tan period to enjoy a gradual, natural look. 

Does Your Salon Spray Tan Colour Fade Naturally? 

A salon spray tan that fades naturally alone or with remover is a must. Accelerated or unnatural fading can lead to unsatisfied clientele. Be sure to avoid streaky tan colour to deliver a more reliable result from your spray tan machine. 

Choosing the Best Salon Waxing Supplies 

Finding the right salon wax will help to determine the different treatments and beauty services you offer. On your journey to easily serve the clients requesting to be waxed and tanned, it is important to ensure that you stock a variety of high-quality waxing supplies to meet a range of needs. 

Here are some things to consider before investing in any products:

Decide if You’re Looking for Hard or Soft Wax (or Both)

When restocking your waxing supplies, it can be helpful to have both hard and soft wax at your disposal. Hard wax is considered the most effective means of hair removal. However, there are times when soft salon wax will produce more optimum results, as well as being a more economical option. 

Do You Have Waxing Supplies for Different Skin Types and Sensitivities?

Undoubtedly, you will deal with clients of different skin types and sensitivities. When this happens, it is helpful to have a variety of salon waxes where you can perform a wax test on any new client for the best results. 

Do Your Waxing Supplies Allow for Different Temperatures and Consistency?

Salon wax should always be capable of achieving a comfortable melting temperature that does not pose a risk of any burns or client discomfort. Always opt for products that are smooth, spreadable and adhere effectively to hair. 

Do Your Waxing Supplies Contain Quality Ingredients? 

Investing in salon wax that contains high-quality ingredients will help you produce excellent results. Always check the ingredients in your waxing supplies and use this as a special selling point for those looking for natural or cruelty-free options. 

Keep Your Clients Waxed and Tanned (and Satisfied) with Hair and Beauty Kingdom 

At Hair and Beauty Kingdom, we offer a selection of high-quality beauty products for any tanning salon, ranging from face tan remover to waxing supplies. 

Contact us today for more information about our range, along with advice or tips on how you can use different products to improve your salon experience.