Close-up, master Barber does the hairstyle and styling with dryer

Every barber knows there is no ‘set way’ to cut someone’s hair; you must instead rely on a range of tools and techniques to achieve the desired look. Whether you favour single-edge or straight razor blades, men’s shavers, or a hearty Wahl clipper for close fades, there is a technique out there to suit your needs. 

Beginner and seasoned barbers alike continually experiment with different tools and tricks of the trade, and at Hair and Beauty Kingdom, we have put together some of the more popular hair styling strategies to help you get underway. 

1. Texturising with Straight & Single Edge Hair Razor or Scissors for a Feather Cut & More

Texturising is one of the key strategies for any men’s hairstylist. It involves snipping slices of hair with scissors that are held upright whilst following the natural direction of the strands, producing a smoother finish. This removes excess weight from any style and helps to create a movement that will be easier to manage going forward. 

One of the most popular texturising styles is the feather cut, which creates a lighter style for any hair length. The easiest way to achieve the feather cut is to continue combing vertical strands of hair, holding them at a ninety-degree angle, while working your way backwards and gradually taking off short sections of hair. Just remember to keep working perpendicular to the direction in which the hair is styled for a clean look. 

2. Try a Clipper Over Comb Method with Men’s Shavers 

This technique creates shape; all you need is a sturdy comb and a set of men’s shavers. 

The comb allows a men’s hair stylist to achieve absolute control and dictate the shape of a look. Once happy with the positioning of your comb, a tool like a Wahl clipper for fades swipes across the comb’s edge and removes unwanted hair. 

Men’s shavers come in a variety of shapes and styles, so be sure to find one that meets all your needs. 

3. Use a Men’s Hair Stylist Classic with Scissors Over Combs

If you are seeking an alternative to men’s shavers or a clipper for fades and other styles, you can always rely on the classic scissor-over comb technique. 

The name pretty much says it all. 

The blade of your scissors should be parallel to the comb when cutting, and in most instances, the scissors won’t need to meet the comb unless you are going for a very short look. This strategy creates a clearly defined, square shape on the back and sides. 

Try working in columns instead of rows around the head and continue until the comb glides off the head and there are no more strands to cut to achieve a softer hairstyle. 

4. Break Out the Single Edge or Straight Razor Blades to Shape Up Fades, Feather Cuts & More

Shaping up is the key to finishing any great look; just remember to avoid eating into the hairline with shavers or a razor! 

This blade-on-skin approach is often utilised around the temple, forehead and back of the neck to produce a clean look. It is a particularly popular technique for faded or tapered haircuts, including the previously mentioned feather cut. 

Combined with single-edge or straight razor blades, this method helps create a striking finished effect. In fact, tools like a straight razor provide a close, precise shave that produces a smoother result, as well as being a long-lasting addition to your styling kit. 

5. Explore Your Wahl Clipper & Men’s Shavers for Fades 

This popular technique tapers the hair, usually by creating a shorter cut on the base of the neck, which gradually increases as the men’s hair stylist moves back to the top of the head. 

Using a clipper for fades instead of tools like a straight or single-edged razor blade ensures that you are given the freedom to adjust your tools as you need, as with products like a Wahl Clipper Blade Set

Just remember that when using your clipper, your thumb should be securely placed on the top while two fingers offer support from the back. This enables you to move the clippers in a defined C-shape motion, producing a great-looking fade. 

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