Our hair is regularly exposed to various stressors throughout the day. From environmental elements like UV rays and pollution to internal factors like stress or poor diet, it can be challenging to maintain the shiny, lush locks we all crave. So, what is the best treatment to choose when looking for a reliable, permanent straightening solution for your healthy hair care routine? 

Let us introduce you to Nanoplasty, the new alternative to a keratin treatment! 

What is Nanoplasty?

If you’re wondering how to straighten your hair, there are endless chemical straightening and organic remedies you can try at home or the salon. 

One of the best permanent straightening treatments to add to your healthy hair care routine is Nanoplasty. What is this? Well, we utilise a selection of natural ingredients in a targeted approach to nourish the strand structure from the inside. A fantastic alternative to a keratin treatment, Nanoplasty is a well-reviewed, innovative way to straighten hair permanently. 

During the procedure, we introduce active substances into the mixture, which changes the shape of strands and follicles. These effects are immediately noticeable and are arguably superior to those achieved via a keratin treatment. 

Benefits of Nanoplasty for Permanent Straightening at Home and in the Salon

Searching for ways to straighten your hair, either at home or the salon, helps you to be aware of the benefits you can expect from your choice of permanent and chemical straightening. With Nanoplasty as part of your healthy hair care routine, you can enjoy advantages like:

  • Effective and quick chemical straightening results
  • Natural ingredients and a harmless process
  • Reliable protection from thermal and physical effects 
  • Hair that is both straightened and restored from within 
  • Long-term results with manageable aftercare 
  • Suitability for any hair type 

Difference Between Keratin Treatment and Nanoplasty 

To better understand the difference between keratin and Nanoplasty, it helps to have a clearer idea of what a keratin treatment is. Chemical straightening with keratin is primarily used for smoothing and regeneration purposes. The straightening aspect of these procedures is a side effect of the mixture instead of their objective. 

Nanoplasty offers the opposite of such chemical straightening. The treatment targets permanent straightening effects for every hair type and, in doing so, introduces shine, nutrition and smoothing effects into your healthy hair care routine. 

Another difference between Nanoplasty and a keratin treatment is that the former uses only natural, vegan ingredients, like organic acids, acai and linseed oil, making them an ideal option for use at home. This permanent straightening option efficiently produces manageable, hydrated locks by forgoing harsh chemicals. Including chemical ingredients in a keratin treatment can also mean that, while straightening is a success, you could lose volume and movement when it comes to your finished look. 

What Does a Nanoplasty Treatment Look Like in a Salon?

When you visit your salon for a Nanoplasty treatment, the procedure can last between 3 and 6 hours. So, patience is critical when making Nanoplasty part of your healthy hair care routine! 

But how will the stylist straighten your hair with this technique? Here is a summary of what you can expect:

  1. Before your hair treatment in the salon, your stylist will start with standard washing.
  2. In place of the conditioner, a unique Nanoplasty mixture made up of amino acids and collagen will be applied from the roots down before fixing a cap on your head for 1 hour. 
  3. After 60 minutes, the mixture is washed off, and the hair is dried.
  4. Finally, the stylist will straighten your hair with an iron, smoothing along the way and adding any nourishing or protective products to benefit your locks. 

This type of procedure for achieving permanent straight hair can be done at home, but pay close attention to the instructions and guides to ensure you do not risk damage. 

Discover the Best Nanoplasty Products Online for Your Healthy Hair Care Routine  

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