When your clients arrive at the salon for a new haircut and colour, they are expecting you to provide some of the best professional colour products on the market. 

Enter the Cree hair colour range. 

Made in Italy with innovative technology to produce vibrant and durable colours, this professional collection is quickly becoming a favourite amongst stylists looking to provide the ultimate salon experience. With perks like low odour and minimal scalp irritation, the Cree hair colour range is ideal for those wondering how to achieve more vibrant, natural hair easily. 

At Hair and Beauty Kingdom, we know how these incredible Cree colour products can enhance your salon. So, here are seven reasons why you should try this range and offer your clients a fresh look they will love! 

1. High-Quality Colour & Durability 

Wondering how to make natural hair more vibrant? Well, thanks to a lower concentration of ‘dyestuff’ (a substance used as a dye), stylists and clients using the Cree professional hair colour range can expect bright, natural results that will last. The collection comprises a range of calibrated colours to complement the natural colour levels to create a fresh look beyond just a new haircut. 

2. Maximum Coverage with Bright & Natural Hair Colour

Whether you are looking for a fresh look or simply covering up regrowth as part of your routine haircut, finding the right professional hair colour can make natural hair more vibrant, all while providing maximum coverage. 

The Cree professional hair colour range boasts quality pigments in each product to provide complete grey coverage, all whilst creating vibrant natural colour. Using innovative technology and specialised pigments also means that your colour will last even longer, helping you save time and money on those regular touch-ups. 

3. High Protection for a Fresh Look

Sometimes a new haircut and colour can leave your hair feeling parched and lifeless. That is why each Cree professional hair colour product focuses on creating a natural colour and protecting and nourishing the hair. By incorporating ingredients like argan oil in the Cree Rapid Hair Bleach to lock in moisture, your clients are guaranteed high protection, leaving them with lush locks and vibrant colours. 

4. Conditioning & Repairing Action with Professional Hair Colour 

Any new haircut involving a hair colour process will result in some form of damage. So, why not choose a product that provides vibrant natural hair colour and includes conditioning and nourishing properties in its formulas? 

The Cree professional hair colour range includes specialised ingredients like creatine, ceramides and sorbitol and a Balanced Formulation System to provide reliable results whilst effectively conditioning and repairing locks. So, do your strands a favour and achieve a fresh look that is strain and stress-free with Cree hair colour! 

5. Easy to Mix & Apply for Vibrant Hair Colour 

Who doesn’t want vibrant hair colour from professional products that are easy to work with? The Cree professional hair colour range presents a straightforward, easy-to-use approach for colour specialists looking to give their clients a fresh look with every new haircut. The cream developer mixes beautifully with various hair colour levels, and the thick, creamy consistency of the products ensures a uniform application that produces a fresh new look that lasts. 

6. Pleasant Fragrances with Cree Hair Colour 

Getting a new haircut and colour can be a fun, exciting experience, but the strong smell of ammonia and professional products can sometimes become overwhelming. But don’t worry! You can say goodbye to unpleasant chemical aromas when using Cree hair colour. The Cree professional hair colour range includes formulas with low ammonia content, allowing stylists and clients to enjoy more appealing fragrances during salon appointments. 

7. Affordable Professional Hair Colour 

Choosing products from the Cree hair colour range ensures that your salon will benefit from quality formulas at affordable prices that won’t break the bank. Even better, when you order Cree supplies from us at Hair and Beauty Kingdom, we guarantee flat-rate shipping costs to all salons and beauty therapists throughout Australia. 

Make Natural Hair More Vibrant with Cree at Hair and Beauty Kingdom 

If you want to know more on how to make natural hair more vibrant, browse our Hair and Beauty Kingdom range, packed with hair dye products and tips. 

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