Natural hair care is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Professionals and amateurs alike continually search for new ways to use natural dye alternatives from reputable brands like Cree hair and other dependable natural hair product suppliers. 

At Hair and Beauty Kingdom, we are excited to be a part of the natural hair care journey. To learn more, check out our guide below on natural hair colouring in Australia. 

What is Natural Hair Care?

Natural hair care refers to using products filled with organically sourced ingredients in favour of chemical alternatives. These products are available to buy at various hair product suppliers and help to keep your locks looking and feeling better for longer. 

Natural Hair Dyes

Natural hair dyes contain few (if any) artificial ingredients to alter your hair colour. Instead, they opt for plant-based and eco-friendly ingredients, so their use does not negatively impact the environment. More professional hair care brands are adopting natural ingredients for their hair dyes, using chemically balanced formulas to maintain vibrant and bright natural colours. Natural hair dyes rarely cause side effects or irritation to the hair or scalp, which is why many people choose these over synthetic alternatives. 

Benefits of Using Natural Colouring & Hair Care Products Near You

Like anything for your body, taking your business to organic hair product suppliers near you and swapping out harsh chemicals for natural ingredients can improve your overall hair care. There are many benefits to enjoy when you buy natural, including:

Environmentally Friendly

Natural hair care products and colours are far better for the environment than ‘traditional’ options. Using biodegradable ingredients and natural formulas ensures that they produce minimal pollution or risk of contamination when used in the salon or at home. 

Nourishing Hair Care

In the way a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables supports your overall health, using natural, nourishing ingredients can help support your locks from the inside out. Many organic ingredients can directly impact the condition of the hair follicles and scalp, preserving the integrity of the hair and preventing damage. They have even been known even to help treat issues like dandruff, split ends, hair loss and dryness by eschewing chemicals that make your hair brittle and weak. You can achieve rich, deep colours using these hair care products, enjoying complete coverage for longer. 

Allergen Free

If you have ever experienced a red and itchy scalp after a hair colour treatment, you may be allergic to some of the chemicals in the products you use. You can avoid this problem entirely by choosing natural hair dye and finding suppliers near you in Australia who stock professional brands like the Cree hair dye range. 

Ingredients to Avoid for Natural Hair Colouring in Australia 

If you see a product with any of these ingredients, avoid using them if you are committing to natural hair colouring! 


This is one of the most frequently used ingredients for chemical hair dye. While it will affect hair colour, it also damages the hair cuticle, causing dry and brittle strands. You will likely need ammonia if you are hoping to lighten hair, but natural hair colouring options, like those in the Cree range, provide formulas with low ammonia content to protect the hair. 


Did you know you can buy natural versions of bleach for your hair dye? It’s true! Some bleach products use sunflower, castor and jojoba oil to protect the hair during a natural lightening process, unlike harsher chemical alternatives. If you can avoid chemical bleach in favour of natural hair care and colours, your hair will thank you! 

Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) 

This ingredient is a known allergen that causes issues like rashes and itchiness on the scalp. While they are deemed safe, it is essential to follow the safety instructions or opt for natural hair dyes that provide healthier alternatives. 

Cree Hair: Find Hair Care Brands & Products to Buy 

More professional brands are using natural hair care products. Cree hair is a brilliant example of a hair dye range that uses natural ingredients for colouring. Made in Italy and available to buy across Australia with reputable suppliers near you, Cree hair helps individuals looking for vibrant natural colours achieve their hair goals without damaging their locks. 

Shop Quality Natural Hair Care Products Near You with Hair and Beauty Kingdom 

We at Hair and Beauty Kingdom are proud suppliers of Cree hair products and other natural hair colouring options in Australia. 

To learn more about where you can buy natural hair dye near you with one of our suppliers, call us today at 1300 061 808 or email sales@hairandbeautykingdome.com.au