Back view of the pretty young woman posing for the camera with a hair dryer and hair straightener while standing in front to the mirror

The transformation from bedhead to runway-ready tresses isn’t always an easy feat, often requiring more than just an experienced hand. If you want your hair to look its best at every opportunity, then your routine will demand the right arsenal of tools. And yet, in the dynamic world of hair styling, the superiority of your instruments can make or break your desired look. 

Enter TUFT’s turbo hair dryer and straightener. 

These are the prodigies in contemporary hair technology, coming in hot not as just tools of the trade, but as true game changers that make crafting your preferred aesthetic easier than ever.

The TUFT T8i Digital Compact Hair Dryer: Revolution in Hair Drying

Hair drying is not merely about blowing hot air onto wet strands. If it were, the pedestal hair dryer from your grandmother's era would still be the industry's gold standard. 

TUFT's T8i Digital Compact Hair Dryer embraces the need for more flexible, adaptive hair-drying functionality, offering:

Fast Drying & Soothing Airflow 

The ultra-strong, compact motor at 110,000rpm is nothing short of a masterpiece. If you've ever languished under a pedestal hair dryer, you’ll immediately notice the difference. This isn’t just any hair dryer; this is a turbo hairdryer, designed to deliver powerful yet soothing airflow. With its electronic precision, you're bestowed with the confidence of consistent, fast drying time.

Reduced Frizz from Extra Static

Every user dreads the spectre of misty hair, a nemesis we've combated for years. Thanks to the ionic technology, you no longer need to compromise on shine or battle with static and frizz. It promises a silky, salon-style finish that eliminates misty hair woes.

Powerful Customisation Capabilities

With three different speed settings and as many heat options, the T8i allows you to curate the drying process based on your hair type and desired outcome. That instant cold shot? It's your secret weapon to lock in those beautifully crafted styles.

An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Being eco-friendly is no longer just a tagline; it's a responsibility. The T8i's environmental and energy considerations are a testament to this commitment. While its digitally controlled motor is designed to keep carbon emissions at zero, it also conserves energy, ensuring sustainability marries style.

Modern Technology & Features

The built-in memory storage & auto-cleaning system is not just innovative, it's revolutionary. How many times have we been befuddled trying to recall our preferred settings? Now, it’s just a button away. And the self-cleaning mechanism? Think of it as an insurance policy that guarantees maximum efficiency.

Greater Ergonomics

Lastly, weighing in at only 320g, the T8i's design & practicality shine through. The ergonomic design ensures comfort and flexibility whether you’re a leftie or a right-handed user. Paired with a 3.5m power cable that's insulated to prevent overheating, this turbo hair dryer promises to redefine your styling regime.

TUFT Diamond Plus Straighteners: Your Solution to Ultra-Smooth Hair

The art of hair straightening is evolving. With TUFT’s Diamond Plus Straighteners, be prepared to enter a realm where ultra-smooth hair isn't just a possibility; it's a guarantee.

Nano Ceramic Technology Merging Science & Style

Those days working with pesky hair taffy? They’re behind you. The nano-sized ceramic particles in these straighteners release negative ions that ensure moisture retention and nullify static. The result? Hair that slides through the plates, shimmering with every glide.

Elongated, Multi-Directional Plates for Better Styling

With longer plates, even the thickest mane is tamed with ease. The multi-directional floating plate will also ensure every strand, from root to tip, receives the love it deserves. And if you've ever wrestled with a 19mm hair curler, this straightener's rapid heat-up and recovery feature will feel like a dream.

Improved Heat Recovery & Heat-Up Times

With instant heat recovery, they regain optimal temperature in under 2 seconds, ensuring uniform styling and hair protection. And the wait? Almost non-existent. These straighteners achieve a blazing 230°C in a mere 20 seconds, turning those time-consuming styling sessions into swift, seamless experiences. 

Designs to Fit Every Need

Whether you choose the 1" or the 2" Wide Plate Straightener, there's a precision tool waiting for your hair type. Each is designed meticulously, ensuring that each pass feels like the first, every single time.

Why Choose TUFT?

TUFT emerged from a vision to offer groundbreaking machinery and tools, shaped hand-in-hand with eminent hairdressers and beauty experts from across the world. At Hair and Beauty Kingdom, we are now proud to be a distributor of a diverse array of professional-grade TUFT equipment, blending state-of-the-art technology and catering to the nuanced demands of beauty mavens. Every piece in our collection is purpose-driven, enhancing and amplifying the performance of hair and beauty products trusted by professionals. 

With TUFT, you’re not just getting a tool; you're investing in a partner that elevates the industry's benchmarks. Browse our selection available online or contact us today for more information.